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lawmakers are vowing more oversight amid a new report that the nsa routinely broke privacy rules in its controversial surveillance program. according to "the washington post," the nsa exceeded its legal authority thousands of times since 2008 with unauthorized surveillance of americans or foreign targets on u.s. soil. senate judiciary chairman pat leahy says he plans to hold another hearing on the nsa surveillance program. house speaker nancy pelosi called the report, quote, extremely disturbing in a statement saying in part, congress must conduct rigorous oversight to ensure that all incidents, all incidents of noncompliance are reported to the oversight committees and the fisa court in a timely and comprehensive manner and that appropriate steps are taken to ensure violations are not repeated. the report stems from an nsa audit obtained by the post from leaker edward snowden. kelly o'donnell joins me now. what kind of privacy violations are we talking about? >> what we're learning so far, these are not instances of eavesdropping on conversations or reading e-mails. it's not that kind
to come out with some type of his own statement about where he wants to go with the nsa controversy and the transparency going on with its oversight. >> yes, thomas. we've been working our sources within the administration and on capitol hill. we have a bit of a picture of what the president plans to do. he can go on offense, anticipating, i'm sure, about the nsa leaks and the programs that the intelligence community has been undertaking to collect data and so forth. by going on offense, the president is expected to announce that he has plans to take steps to make reforms to some of those programs. with the intention of bringing greater transparency and to build more public confidence. these will be new steps, and he will lay them out in the specifics, but that's the overarching idea, how to create more confidence when there have been so many questions in the public about what these programs can do, the scope of them, the magnitude, and how to bring about more transparency. what could be declassified? we've seen steps toward that already with some of the details of these programs no
in the ongoing debate over the nsa surveillance programs. >> this is, to me, a direct consequence from what we saw in benghazi and the general program that this administration has, which is not being aggressive. >> the good news is that we picked up intelligence. that's what we do. that's what nsa does. >> michael crowley joins us live. michael, thanks for your time here. >> thanks. >> obviously, we didn't hear a lot of some of the partisan bickering we've grown sadly accustomed to. nevertheless, it was still there over the sunday morning programs. >> sure, we've seen this now for a decade. when you have a terrorist event or a major alert, people rush in with their agendas. you know, and it's interesting. i thought rick santorum's criticism in particular was kind of off base. he was saying that the president is timid about calling islamic terrorism -- about using the word terror. rhetorically, he's gone soft on this stuff. the reality is we have waged a really aggressive drone campaign in yemen to the point there's a lot of concern that the drones are doing more damage with public opinion than
much for joining me. thank you all. >> thank you. >>> up next, the first words from nsa leaker edward snowden since russia granted him asylum today. where could he be now i should ask? we'll have a live report out of moscow and the latest of what the president is saying. what's coming out of the white house. join us on twitter. find us @tamronhall and my team @newsnation. ent started as hourly associates. there's opportunity here. i can use walmart's education benefits to get a degree, maybe work in it, or be an engineer, helping walmart conserve energy. even today, when our store does well, i earn quarterly bonuses. when people look at me, i hope they see someone working their way up. vo: opportunity, that's the real walmart. humans. even when we cross our "ts" and dot our "i's", we still run into problems. that's why liberty mutual insurance offers accident forgiveness with our auto policies. if you qualify, your rates won't go up due to your first accident. because making mistakes is only human, and so are we. we also offer new car replacement, so if you total your new car, we'll g
to nsa leaker edward snowden. here's what the president said on "tonight show" with jay leno. >> i was disappointed because, you know, even though we don't have an extradition treaty with them, traditionally we have tried to respect if there's a lawmaker or an alleged lawbreaker in their country. they still help us on supplying our troops in afghanistan. they're still helping us on counterterrorism work. they were helpful after the boston bombing. but there have been times where they slipped back into cold war thinking and a cold war mentality. >> joining me now, nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker. we heard rumblings this was happening. the president making it official this morning. a pretty tepid response from russia. any chance this might all be resolved before the meeting next month? >> reporter: well, there's always that chance. russian officials saying that the meeting is still open to president obama if he should change his mind. but it doesn't appear as though that's going to happen unless we see some major change in terms of how russia has decided to deal wit
... [ doorbell rings ] ...and let the good life in. >>> welcome back. we're getting new details about nsa leaker edward snowden's plans now that russia has granted him temporary asylum. since leaving the moscow airport yesterday, snowden is now reportedly staying with an american ex-pat family and is thinking of taking a job as a human rights activist. in an exclusive interview with nbc news, snowden's father said he's grateful his son has been granted a chance to stay in russia. >> i am thankful for both the courage and strength of the russian people and the fact that they have reached out and they have kept my son safe. >> meanwhile, russia's decision to shelter snowden has reverberated around washington. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle issuing some pretty tough talk. >> as long as prime minister putin acts like a bully, we have only one choice, to stand up to him and show him that bullies pay a price. >> and senator lindsey graham called the move by putin a game changer, saying, quote, it is time to make it clear to the russian government that this provocative step is granting snowden
incidence after the nsa leaks of learning that the u.k. government and spy agencies and the u.s. government have been working together with various surveillance programs and related issues. >> what more do you know regarding the destruction of these hard drives? "the guardian" editor in chief said the destruction of the computer hard drives contain information provided by whistleblower edward snowden and allowed the paper to continue reporting on the allegations. what do we know about this information? >> we don't know a lot because he's quite rightly keeping tight lipped on what he and the government have discussed. but what we are seeing is, you know, government intervention on perfectly valid journalistic activity. the guardian worked with the government to ensure that no, you know, national security items that could be of danger to national security were published. but we do understand that there is a continued pressure from both the u.s. government and the u.k. government against whistleblowers and leaking when it comes to some of the government's darker, more spy craft type activity.
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)